Inspirational speaker

Robin shares his life experience and adventures with inspirational speeches. He emphasises the aspects of his life that particularly match the audience. Clients have included Sky, ITN, BBC, The Sun & Times.

Inspirational and motivational speaking

Robin inspires his audience with emotional and introspective depth. His adventures are amazing but the true value of his presentation is in how he shares the insecurities and fears of his life describing the failures and fears as well as the rewards.

By sharing his inner-self, Robin develops a connection that encourages deep and incisive questions from the listener which can often be the most instructive part of the evening. His anecdotes are often hilarious but almost always contain a moral or didactic message. There is always the feeling that the true story is of a little boy who wants to be a man.

Robin has shared his experiences in the media many times, including coverage and discussion the television channels shown below.


TV coverage of Robin HorsfallTV coverage of Robin Horsfall

Robin has spoken for corporate events, charities, universities, schools and colleges. He is a recognised television pundit for military affairs with Sky, ITN, BBC, Aljazeera, Channel 4, Channel 5 and other agencies. He has also written as a freelance journalist for The Sun, Times and Daily Mail.

Click on the sound clip below to hear part of an interview with Robin.

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