1st December 2015

Identifying and preventing bullying

Bullying is word that is often misused to describe someone who is being passionate or assertive. My description of bullying is contained in three words; Isolation, Humiliation & Intimidation.

How to be a bully.

Isolation; Find an individual who is different from the dominant group identify what it is that makes that person different and highlight this with support from the group.

Humiliation; Make the subject of their difference a point of ridicule and humour. Persistently return to the subject at every opportunity to cause embarrassment.

Intimidation; Act as a group if the victims attempt to defend themselves verbally or physically. Subdue their resistance by force of volume and numbers. Disregard the feelings of the victim and make yourself feel more powerful because of their defeat.

Alternatively how to prevent bullying.

Leadership; Defend individuals who are being isolated. Stand by them and prevent their isolation. Be prepared to set an example and place yourself at risk for the victim. Support his difference and stop him from feeling humiliated.

Courage; Stand by the victim and remind others of their bad behaviour. Accept the consequences of your actions (you may become a victim yourself).

Integrity; Support victims even when they are unknown to you or people you don’t like. Do what is right! Once you have isolated the bully ensure that you do not become the bully yourself.

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