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As an after-dinner and motivational speaker Robin Horsfall tells his personal odyssey from bullied kid to SAS paratrooper with extraordinary insight and wisdom. He now works to inspire others by talking at a variety of events and locations.

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Shot, stabbed, almost beaten to death and nearly blown to bits - all before he was 21. In 1980 Robin Horsfall shot and killed one of the leading terrorists inside the Iranian Embassy when the SAS stormed the building. He served with the SAS during the Falklands war and on subsequent counter-terrorist operations.

Inspiration ...

Robin is a professional inspirational speaker, available to talk on a variety of subjects, emphasising aspects that match his audience. His adventures are amazing but the true value of his presentation is how he shares his insecurities and fears, describing failures and fears as well as the rewards. He speaks at corporate events, charities, universities and schools.


Robin is available for any kind of event such as after-dinner speaking, and adjusts his inspirational presentations according to the type of audience. Clients have included Sky, ITN, BBC, The Sun & Times. To talk to Robin about booking him, please go to the contact page and complete the online form.

Robin’s Autobiography 'Fighting Scared' was released on October 10th, 2002 by Cassell. Since publication, it has remained a top selling Special Forces book.  


‘Fighting Scared’


Available on Kindle

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